our difference

DFS has always done things differently to ensure that every client is provided with advice of superior quality, creativity and value. As a client you will see the difference in the excellent results we achieve.

Benefits of working with DFS

Family Advisory Service
The DFS ‘Family Advisory Service’ adopts an inter-generational perspective and focuses on planning for the entire family unit. We specialise in continuity strategies to preserve, and importantly, effectively pass on the client’s current optimised position. As a Family Advisor, DFS facilitates discussions with family members and assists with wider family interests.

‘My CIO’ Service
The DFS ‘My CIO’ Service focuses on portfolio management and works with clients to rigorously benchmark portfolios, whether managed by DFS or other external money managers. As the coordinating centre, DFS manages all relationships and ensures that information is collated and presented to the client in a timely and meaningful manner for accountability. We maintain an interactive and integral relationship with accountants and tax advisers.

Access to leading edge portfolio service (UMA)
DFS has sourced a portfolio administration solution to optimise the manner in which client portfolios are managed. Clients’ investments are held on our wholesale Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs) with full flexibility to choose from both unitised (direct share) models, as appropriate to the client’s objectives.

Investment capabilities
DFS Advisers and Clients have direct access to the expertise of the investment team of DFS Portfolio Solutions.This is a highly specialised area of service which provides comprehensive manager selection and asset allocation advice. DFS Advisers are able to provide meaningful portfolio benchmarking and attribution by accessing the DFSPS research capabilities. The end result is a disciplined and rigorous service with a high degree of transparency and accountability.

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Solution based advice
DFS provides holistic advice that is based on the needs and objectives of its clients. This includes advice pertaining to investments, structures, estate planning and risk management, superannuation, gearing and meeting lifestyle goals.

DFS is not owned or controlled by a funds management firm, investment house or banking institution. Our service offering is therefore objective and not susceptible to the practice of selling manufactured investment products to clients.

Fee Structure
DFS charge our clients time-costed fees for our advice. As such, our fees are time-based and are not influenced by commission based fee charging.

Highly experienced and qualified staff
The owners of DFS actively manage the business. Patricia Chan, George Krithis and Stephen Romic have a total of over 70 years of combined experience in the financial advisory industry. Additionally, each is equipped with multiple tertiary and industry qualifications. The Principals provide advice and manage every client relationship.

Boutique Advisory Practice
DFS does not mass-market its service offering to the general consumer. Its business strategy is to provide the highest quality of advice, service and education to a select segment of the market. The focus of DFS is to build and forge ongoing client relationships of the highest quality.

Formal Review Process
DFS formally reviews each client’s objectives and benchmarks the underlying performance of each client portfolio. This ensures that the financial strategies implemented are monitored and adjusted accordingly. Additionally, the formal reviews show the extent to which the DFSPS Investment Methodology adds value to client portfolios.

Leading edge service with a focus on optimising client’s wealth plan in all areas:
  • Strategic Advice
  • Platform
  • Investment
  • Family Advisory Service
  • My CIO Service
  • Access to leading edge portfolio service
  • Investment capabilities
  • Solution base advice
  • Objectivity
  • Fee-for-service
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff
  • Investment specialisation
  • Boutique Advisory Practice
  • Formal review process