investment approach

Our investment approach is based on:
  • Asset Allocation at a strategic level with an option of tactical overlays
  • Thorough analysis of specialist asset class managers
    • High focus on evidence-based assessment of manager performance
    • Use of more than 20 disparate risk adjusted factors to determine the quality of manager performance as an initial filter
    • Short list of managers who are then subject to a comprehensive qualitative research process
    • Appointment of managers based on forward-looking considerations, with ongoing monitoring
    • Investment team is made up of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, including independent consultants
  • Comprehensive risk and return analysis is applied with a focus on risk management and relative value approach for capital preservation
  • Ability to tailor portfolios and models to suit a clients income needs and/or appetite for risk and volatility
  • Use (rather than reliance) of independent research houses to further qualitative assessments
  • Proven, long term track record
We complete a formal review process which focuses on transparency as well as benchmarks client portfolio returns against underlying Indices and DFSPS core models. We provide you with:
  • A highly transparent report of our findings
  • Comprehensive asset class reviews yearly or as required
  • Regular portfolio rebalancing
  • Quarterly investment commentary
    • Consolidated commentary on each manager and/or asset class for each Model
    • Quarterly performance attribution and benchmarking for each model
Access to a dedicated specialist Investment team and DFS models which are maintained and updated on behalf of your clients.