We’ll stand by you.

At DFS we believe that care and consistency are the cornerstone of the client-advisor relationships. We invest in developing long term relationships with our clients, to better understand their needs and deliver value in a way that is meaningful to them. Our transparent approach demands the highest levels of accountability from our team, giving you the confidence to know that you are well taken care of.

Client Testimonial

I have been a DFS customer for a very long time and have always valued the personal attention and relied on the considered advice and insights that I have received. As we are all discovering, the financial advice industry is beset with conflicts of interest and an emphasis on product sales at the expense of unbiased advice and portfolio management. The approach taken at DFS clearly avoids such conflicts, with its separation of tailored advice from portfolio management, which is supported by its innovative portfolio management platform and active approach to the management of risk.

Steve Ingram

Our Promise.

Our promise to serve the best interests of clients is deeply embedded in our organisational structure and corporate culture. Our decoupled fee-for-service model ensures complete transparency, with the ability to benchmark risk, fees and performance. Due to this transparency, our clients are able to make informed, evidence-based decisions about their wealth. DFS Advisory Services delivers a whole new standard of advice. We believe that DFS represents “The Future of Advice”.

Industry Testimonial

Having worked in funds management for over two decades, I recognised that DFS has unique qualities which led me to invest my personal funds with them. Their investment approach is transparent and unbiased. Their quantitative risk models are balanced with human judgement and independent oversight.

DFS engages me without overloading me with information. They show me how much risk my portfolio is taking and how it’s performing against recognised benchmarks. They keep themselves honest and always put me first. They give me peace of mind. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sumi Putra