Building your wealth.

Overarching the wealth creation strategy is a financial blueprint which outlines the strategy to achieve your lifestyle goals, which may include bespoke structural advice and an investment portfolio plan. At DFS Advisory Services, our specialised team of advisors take into account your advice requirements, overlaying this with your personal preferences and risk tolerances to implement a wealth creation strategy that is designed around you. Also, with access to proprietary research capabilities in-house, our clients have better visibility and understanding of their portfolio performance. Together, we work to build your wealth.


Consolidating your wealth.

A provider of holistic advice, DFS Advisory Services will work with you to optimise you and your family’s portfolio of assets and investments. We build deep relationships with our clients, to better understand their very specific needs, consolidating the wealth management strategy into a seamless managed service. Our consolidation program pertains to: superannuation and retirement; appropriate tax structures and planning; risk management; investment portfolios and estate planning. Having a bird’s eye view of a client’s financial position enables DFS to optimise strategies.


Enjoying your wealth.

You have worked hard to be where you are today. At DFS, we celebrate when our clients are able to enjoy success milestones, especially when we know that we have been a part of their journey. Having taken the time to understand you and your goals, your DFS team commits to work with you over the various stages of your life. Speak to our team to learn more about how we can help you enjoy your wealth and still be responsible with your money : from the accumulation phase to retirement and beyond.


Transitioning your wealth.

Wealth transition is an uncomfortable discussion that many people avoid. With DFS Advisory Services, it doesn’t need to be difficult. Our team will work with you to design a succession plan to secure your family’s financial future and provide the support they need to ensure your legacy lives on for generations. Our approach adopts an inter-generational perspective and focuses on planning for the entire family unit. Most importantly, we help you pass your optimised position on to the ones you love the most.