Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation is the cumulative result of many good decisions. DFS Advisory Services offers the breadth and depth of knowledge that you need, to make informed decisions about your wealth creation. With core-competencies in structural and investment advice, you can rely on DFS Advisory Services to help you leverage your position for an optimised outcome.

Wealth Management

Managing your wealth is as much about protecting your wealth, as it is about ensuring your money is working as hard as it can. While on one hand, being too aggressive in your strategy can over-expose you to risk, being too conservative can be a risk in itself. DFS Advisory Services helps clients find the balance, adjusting our approach over time as your preferences change. We take a proactive approach to risk-based Wealth Management.

Wealth Transition – Estate Planning and Succession

There is no greater gift than leaving a legacy for future generations. DFS Advisory Services will work with you to craft an intergenerational wealth succession strategy, to ensure your family has the support they need to continue to grow the wealth you have created, for years to come.

Strategic Superannuation Consulting

You have worked hard to be where you are today, you deserve to enjoy it. How you structure your superannuation can be the difference between a good outcome and a great outcome in retirement. The team at DFS Advisory Services will work closely with you to design an optimised superannuation strategy, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labour today, without sacrificing your security and comfort in retirement.

Investment Advice

DFS Advisory Services provides a truly diversified and risk-based approach to investing. With access to passive and dynamic options in both local and offshore markets, DFS will work to craft an investment strategy around your individual needs. With “Transparency, Accountability and Value™” at the heart of our approach, we help clients make evidence-based decisions by giving them the insights they need, to really understand the logic behind the investment advice we provide.

Specialised Advice

For specialised tax planning, estate planning or legal advice, DFS Advisory may work with your preferred specialists; or engage with outsourced consultants when required. While some firms may prefer to in-source all advice, our dedication to client outcomes means that DFS Advisory Services will often engage external specialists with the specific skills and expertise you need, when you need them. Your outcomes are always our primary concern.